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The Full Story


Sharing is for me one of the most importing thing in life. That's why I created in 2022 B-sharing Tarifa, a workplace in the South of Spain where people can meet and connect, share brains, share business, share breaks and beach time.

After graduating from the Solvay Business school in 2009, an experience in Finance and in Business Development, I discovered the entrepreneurs and coworking world in 2016 when I started my journey with a Startup specialised in IT where I was responsible for the Sales & Marketing Strategy.

Working in a Coworking space brought me amazing new friends and a lot of new job opportunities why I decided in 2019 to start my own Consulting Company and to work for several clients. 

Later the same year, I discovered Tarifa and felt directly in love with the place. Looking for nature, a healthier work-life balance, more freedom, Tarifa was the perfect place to continue by job remotely for the same clients in Belgium. 

I was just missing one thing,  the coworking spirit that I had in Brussels.  That's how B-sharing Tarifa was born. 



Located at the southernmost point of Europe, facing Africa, there where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, Tarifa is known worldwide as one of the most popular destinations for wind sports.

Originally a military fortress before it became a fishing town, Tarifa still retains the old Roman and Moorish influences today. Tarifa attracts every year a lot of people due to all the beauties and diversities this place has to offer. Or simply, Tarifa has it all...

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